Replacing all 12 Switches with FSRs

October, 2019

I was scheduled to drop off the switches to Monique with only 4 switches changed to be FSRs but decided to reschedule and take the time to replace them all. This means changing the microcontroller too.

The previous Teensy 2.0 doesn’t have enough analog pins so a 3.1 will be used.

Teensy 3.1 Pinout

It’s also a good opportunity to rethink the connectors. The Grove connectors are difficult to work with for people who are able-bodied. A new connector should be used that is potentially easier for people who have mobility limitations and who are able-bodied.

This is a good time to change the connectors. I tested out snaps, they are too wide for the board side. I will need 12 switches to connect which makes 24 conductors to connect. 24 snaps around a board will be too large. 2.5 mm mono audio plugs are what I will use instead. However, the audio connectors may pose a problem on the switch side, they may be bulky and painful to wear or get in the way of a switch frame. A connector that is flat is still the best for the soft switch/sensor side so snaps will be kept.

Final changes:

  • Switched from Teensy 2.0 to Teensy 3.1.
  • Changed all 12 switches to FSRs.
  • Changed from Grove connectors to 3.5 mm mono audio connectors.
  • Enclosure was changed and got deprioritized and downgraded to an early prototype material – cardboard.
  • Kept LED, kept cursor speed dial.