The FlexAbility kit is currently being built and tested. Modules, boards, and accessories are prototyped and tested with consultants. Here you can find the latest iterations of kit parts.

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Pressure Activated FSR with silicone spacer
Rectangle switch with silicone spacer
Cuttable FSR low-Waste Pattern


Three different shapes of conductive fabric switches that can be cut to size.
Cuttable Switches



Hexagon SwitcH
Switch Frames


hand made force sensor that can be cut to length to customize
Cuttable FSR Tape


Cuttable FSR



Cuttable FSR Tape Dots



two hands holding an e-textile sensor pad while bending it.
Multipurpose Sensor Pad



FSR Ribbon



FlexAbility Boards



Four rows of conductive fabric on fabric that sense when someone touches it.
Capacitive Sensing