Connection Improvements + Speed Adjuster

Improvements made since the last meeting with notes from this meeting:

Switches and Enclosure

  • Made a speed adjuster for cursor movement
    • The speed adjuster with the dial is something she said she can’t use but it will be kept and I need to add numbers. 1 – 4 for the different speeds

  • Review of mouse clicks and which ones are best. Monique Couldn’t remember what the left-click lock was for.
      • I removed it because I didn’t think it was important based on the last visit but it is! She needs it to scroll.
  • Add Off button to turn off all button actions if cat or someone else accidentally steps on them. 
    • Add it (didn’t get it in this version)! It’s needed and I can’t leave it with her without it.
  • Write what they do on the labels. What Monique says will work: Up, Right, Left, Down, Up-Right, Up-Left, Down-Right, Down-Left, Right Click, Left Click, Lock

  • Height of buttons: Taller ones using ½: thick latex foam
      • She likes them firm but tall 
  • All switch frames are a large size unless I run out or large frames.
  • Velcro was put on the bottom of all of them.
    • They are going to be left in one spot once she sets them up
  • Cord management.
    • Small tubes were added to the pairs of cords


  • Because the connectors pulled apart the last visit, heat shrink tubing was shrunk around the FFC and the headers. Makes me nervous that they aren’t modular anymore but it’s more important that they don’t come out since Monique can’t put them back in.

New Improvements noted from this meeting

  • She wants them all purple covered. Different shades for different button groupings or all purple and black.
  • Add LED that tells her the lock is engaged in the enclosure
  • Add an on/power button
  • Bring a longer USB cord because the black cords are not long enough while the board is connected to her computer. The case can move from to top of her computer table down to a shelf that is immediately below.