FlexAbility Kit is Open

The FlexAbility Kit is Open in the following ways:

  • It describes accessible materials, assemblies, designs and processes without trade secrecy or undue constraints on your ability to use them.
  • In the design and curation of kit elements we strive to facilitate reuse and adaptation
  • The kit is not stabilized. It will change as new needs are explored and to respond to supply problems, changing ideas of good practice, bit rot and obsolescence. It is not a kit in the limited sense of a collection of parts to produce a particular predefined object, it is more
    a set of things, such as tools or equipment, used for a particular purpose or activity” – Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
  • The Creative Commons license was chosen to keep options open of how to sustain the effort to curate, publish, organize and design the evolving kit. This may include licensing designs and trademarks to commercial entities motivated to sustain this effort.